26 November, 2012

Induct8 Launch - New Induction Software Created by Comply Flow

This week we have launched a new site/product called Induct8. It's a light, easy to use induction system where content providers can easily upload training materials then roll them out to sites.

With a simple point and click interface, multiple sites and multiple uploads, creating and billing for inductions has never been easier for consultants.

To coincide with the launch, Induct8 will be offering a free version to consultants for use on one site. There are no other limitations so contact us and we will set you up with your account and show you how it works.

Visit the homepage for more information, you can also do a trial induction at this location.

3rd July, 2012

New Module - Emergency Planning

We have spent the best part of this year developing the Emergency Planning module.

It fits in nicely with our previous modules and manages everything to do with Emergency Planning. See the module overview for more information

Just like our other modules its now available to add to consultants offerings. Contact us for a demonstration.

12 February, 2012

Audit App - release

We have been busy creating another free tool for consultants, that will cut down on administration.

Create a template on your PC and sync it with the Ipad for quick access to pre written findings. Then you can then sync the Ipad back to your Comply Flow Account and automatically generate a report with photos. The app then syncs with the Audit Module and tracks each issue and assigns tasks, alerts an timeframes.

its available now from the itunes store

5 January, 2012

News Section

This year we will be keeping our consultants and followers up to date with company news.

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