Contractor Management Module


ComplyFlow-Contractor provides an online system that assists organisations manage the complexities associated with contractor management. The system is based on a framework that can be configured to suit any organisation, providing a tailored solution at minimal cost.

The system provides an automated selection & evaluation process ensuring that contractors registered on the system have met the requirements of your organisation.

The ongoing management of contractors, largely an administrative task, is also automated via the ComplyFlow system. This ensures that the register of ‘prequalified contractors’ is maintained for your organisation.

Contractor Selection & Evaluation

Documentation Requirements

Once a contractor has been registered on the ComplyFlow system, you can have confidence that they have provided documentation in compliance with your OH&S requirements. This can include insurance documentation, risk assessments, licenses and qualifications.

Contractor Evaluation/Approval

The automated approval process of contractors registered on the system ensures that adequate review is undertaken of contractors that are classified as a risk. The approval flow is dependent on the risk level of the contractor.

Contractor Administration

Online Induction

Organisations can create, edit & modify inductions on the system to provide a necessary step in determining the competency of contractors. Contractors are prompted to complete any online inductions that have been assigned to them by the organisation. These inductions can be assigned to the type of works that they undertake as well as the areas/sites that they will be working on. This provides a practical solution to ensuring that contractors are inducted on remote sites where there are no organisation staff members.

The organisation has the ability to determine pass rates, question retries, number of questions, mandatory questions for each induction that is created. Where required, powerpoint presentations and movies can be imbedded in the inductions to enhance the content.

Document Management

Any documentation that is required by the organisation in the contractor evaluation process is automatically managed via the ComplyFlow system. The onus is put on the contractor, via email alerts that increase in urgency as documentation expires, to upload updated or current documentation as required by your organisation. This reduces the administrative component of contractor management.

System Features:

  •  Ability to configure elements of the system to suit organisational requirements, including:

    •  Sites / Properties
    •  Contractor Documentation
    •  Contractor Risk Level
    •  Approval processes
    •  Induction material
    •  Staff
    •  Email notification

  •  Live contractor status.
  •  Self managing system once contractors are registered.
  •  Email alerts for staff & contractors.
  •  Online help desk.
  •  Ability to interface with client systems, e.g. work order or accounting systems.
  •  Client specific reporting.
  •  Automated audit trail for contractor approvals & document review.
  •  Tailored reporting specific to client requirements.
  •  Client branding as required.

Audit Module


ComplyFlow-Audit is a web based solution designed to assist organisations manage their responsibilities across single and multi-site organisations.  The system allows live, up to date information to be obtained and tracked for the entire organisation.

ComplyFlow-Audit allows the user to upload a wide variety of audit types to the system, which is configurable to the user’s needs.  This configurability allows the user to upload and manage audit types relevant to their business.  Having an independent audit management system allows for organisations to reduce reliance on consultancies, meaning that in the event of a change of service provider there is no need to implement a new system, which is both time consuming and costly. 

The unique flexibility of the system allows organisations to manage audits across a wide range of risk & compliance areas, including:

  •  Safety & Environmental
  •  Hazardous Materials
  •  Internal Compliance
  •  Fire Safety
  •  Public Liability

ComplyFlow-Audit allows for organisations to manage their internal reporting, monitoring and review commitments in accordance with their internal governance requirements.

Risk Visibility

The ComplyFlow-Audit module allows complete visibility of risk status across an organisation - users are able to drill down to individual risk items and determine its status. The search feature within ComplyFlow-Audit allows for users to search through items that are assigned to them, be it at site level or corporate level. Users can only search those items that are in their ‘sphere’ of control.

Data Upload

Audits can be both undertaken and uploaded by internal members of staff or third parties, allowing for a single management system across entire portfolios for risk and compliance. This removes the hassle of having multiple systems, e.g. consultant specific or manual tracking using spreadsheets.

3rd Party Access

Organisations can manage multiple audit types in multiple locations using multiple consultants. All the data feeds into one management system that can track, trace and monitor the entire safety ecosystem and those responsible for administering it.

Audit App for Ipad

Create templates in the office and sync them with your ipad for fast and accurate data capture when conducting audits. Preload recommendations, findings and priorities, take and attach photos from within the app, then sync it with the audit module.

Automated Report Generating

Automatically generate reports form the data collected on the ipad, photos, notes and findings are synced with the account. After finishing an inspection the reports are 90% complete. Simply check and edit any data and click to export in a report, then import into the audit tool.

System Features:

  •  An automated Risk Register is maintained for organisations.
  •  Ability to upload findings/recommendations from multiple consultants and internal stakeholders to an accessible online system.
  •  Ability to add sites/areas of control to the system.
  •  Ability for responsible persons to complete actions within timeframes as specified by the original inspection/audit.
  •  Photos/files can be uploaded to specific risk items.
  •  Able to filter actions by type, priority, completion status, site, person responsible, etc.
  •  Ability to export data to spreadsheets.
  •  Email alerts where risk items are approaching due date and/or overdue.
  •  Automated audit trail, including documented evidence, created in relation to the status of individual risk items.
  •  Tailored reporting specific to client requirements.
  •  Priority configuration allowing action requirements to match company existing risk profiles.
  •  Client branding as required.

Emergency Planning


ComplyFlow-Tenant is a web based system designed to assist companies manage their fire and emergency requirements as per Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities as well as any relevant State and Territory legislation.  The system allows live, up to date information to be obtained and tracked for all occupants of a client’s site or a wider portfolio.

The information is accessible by tenants, property managers and service providers, who can then manage the following information:

  •  Emergency Planning Committee
  •  Emergency Response Procedures
  •  Fire Safety Audits
  •  Fire Warden Management:

    •  Chief Fire Warden
    •  Deputy Fire Warden
    •  Area / Floor Warden

  •  Occupant Training Records

The unique configuration hierarchy within the ComplyFlow system allows for users to access only sites under their control. Upper management has complete access to multiple sites; however individual site managers can only see sites that they manage directly. The ‘point and click’ configurability of the system enables users to design the system to suit their specific requirements, this includes:

  •  Site management – add/delete sites
  •  Document management – upload site specific documents to the system
  •  Tenant management – add tenants to the system and request documents from them
  •  Group management – include occupants in groups, i.e. Wardens
  •  Task management – prompt users to undertake tasks at periodic intervals
  •  Online training – allow any registered user to undertake online training

The module reporting functionality ensures that site compliance is measureable, tracked and managed where necessary.

Online Training


ComplyFlow-Compliance provides an online system that assists organisations manage their employees. The system allows for employees to undertake online training and upload documentation as requested by management.

Document Management

Any documents required to be submitted by an employee can be managed via the ComplyFlow system.  The types of documents that can be managed via the system include licenses, white cards, certificates and any other document required in accordance with company requirements.

All documents are able to be approved by an employees manager / supervisor.   Document expiry dates are automatically tracked with reminder emails issued to employees and supervisors where required.

Online Training

Organisations can create, edit & modify online training courses on the system to provide a induction and training content for employees.  Employees are are prompted to complete any online inductions/courses that are relevant to the role that they fulfil within the organisation.

The organisation has the ability to determine pass rates, question retries, number of questions, mandatory questions for each induction that is created.  Where required, PowerPoint presentations and movies can be imbedded in the inductions to enhance the content.

System Features

  •  Ability to configure elements of the system to suit organisational requirements, including:

    •  o Employee Documentation
    •  o Approval processes
    •  o Induction material
    •  o Email notification
    •  o Approval processes

  •  Live employee status.
  •  Self managing system once employees are registered.
  •  Email alerts for employees and supervisors.
  •  Online help desk.
  •  Client specific reporting.
  •  Client branding as required.